Blue Star Expansion Details

Location: San Antonio, TX

The Project is a mixed-use redevelopment of a historic feed production facility at the edge of a central business district. The project is envisioned to be a model for 21st century, sustainable urban infill development, including the pursuit of “net zero.” The project will use highly energy-efficient building materials and systems, with state-of-the-shelf water conservation techniques. Extensive application of solar photovoltaics is also envisioned. In addition, at 36 units per acre, the project’s density works well with its design and materials, its mixed uses, its mixed-income affordability, and its high quality pedestrian-friendly public realm. This project will add 60,000 sq.ft. of new commercial arts and neighborhood service spaces.

Together, these features will create a vibrant community. Long term, we expect this project can tie in to the transportation hub for the area. In this way it will become a classic New Urbanist community, connected rather than cut off from job, school, shops and recreation. As a green community, it is planned for it to become the first LEED certified project in its area that combines LEED for Neighborhood Development criteria with specific LEED for Homes and LEED for Core and Shell commercial elements. Each element is targeted to achieve at least LEED Silver certification.