Central Texas Hospital Details

Location: Central Texas

This hospital experienced problems in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and other systems provided by a design/build construction project that terminated its major construction in 2000. In the course of continued reported problems, TGCE was commissioned by one particular law firm (counsel for the Hospital) to perform a technical review of the HVAC systems in this project.

Our assessments of existing drawings, specifications, measurements of indoor conditions within the hospital, measurements of existing air handling unit performance, and general on-site observations, etc. proved that the HVAC systems were inadequately coordinated with new and existing architectural conditions, were fundamentally ill conceived, and were improperly executed. In total, the design breeched the relatively broad envelope of reasonable and acceptable practice for new hospitals in the Central Texas climate, and did not adequately regard the operation and maintenance of a hospital.

Our expert summary report gave our client insight to the problems found, conceptual solutions to minimize day-to-day hospital operation disruptions, and the costs of deriving and implementing such solutions. TGCE’s collective experience with hospital design accounted for the requirement of careful planning with the hospital to address construction areas, downtimes, seasonal census, diverted care, revenue impacts, construction management, and even public relations as part of our commissioned services.