Lavaca County Courthouse of 1899 Details

Location: Hallettsville, TX

Tom Green and Company Engineers, Inc. (TGCE) has served Lavaca County for over 22 years through six separate projects. The latest project was the design of the full restoration of the courthouse, involving complete interior and exterior restoration with all new MEP systems and elevator. In the past, the design team has provided a complex $1.0 million slate roof restoration, ADA restroom upgrade, and sub-surface moisture proofing. TGCE has also provided MEP prime services to Lavaca County for the courthouse including design of electrical upgrades to support elaborate Christmas lighting and mechanical design for mechanical system repairs.

An ever-present and ever-changing challenge is balancing the history of these types of buildings versus the needs of the current governmental personnel that occupies it. This balance requires the designers to continually think outside of their routine to provide modern MEP systems in buildings never intended to have them when built, and doing so in historically sensitive, durable, and energy conserving ways.