Our team is well-versed in assisting building owners with investigative and exploratory means to determine MEP-related problems and being able to recommend/execute solutions.

We have a strong track record in forensics troubleshooting. Out of our many troubleshooting commissions, we have assessed and/or designed improvements or replacements of defective MEP systems in over 50 separate facilities where the focus has been indoor environmental quality (spanning from comfort for a productive environment to mitigating microbial growth due to elevated moisture levels in the buildings). As a result of this troubleshooting “forte”, owners come to us when they have “a problem”. We welcome these special challenges.

Much of our remediation and rehabilitation experience has been the troubleshooting and redesign of improperly engineered and constructed mechanical systems. We have designed numerous projects in Texas’s high humidity regions ranging from Beaumont to Brownsville to Austin. As such, we are aware of the challenges presented by these climates.