Our firm has logged over 1,600 projects spanning a wide variety of owners and facility types. This experience gives our firm an excellent, if not unique cross-pollination of designs.

Since TGCE was initiated in 1985, our firm has had the opportunity to be a part of projects in six different states, including Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Florida, Illinois and Virginia. Although the majority of our projects are in Texas, our team has the experience and determination to serve beyond the borders in which we reside.

We have a routine working knowledge of the codes, standards, and preferences various entities use as guidelines for the design of their facilities. We have also established working relationships and an understanding of the expectations of facility personnel. Our project experience, includes not only the traditional design phases, but also specialized services such as master planning, programming, troubleshooting and commissioning. This experience gives our firm a good insight in interpreting an owner’s needs and translating those needs into designs that successfully satisfy them.