Austin Independent School District: Reagan High School Details

Location: Austin, TX

TGCE served as the prime consultant for a complete HVAC renovation of five buildings on the Reagan High School campus including an upgrade/replacement of chilled water and heating water plants serving these buildings.

The TGCE design team and the Contracting team faced a significant challenge of developing a phasing plan to allow construction of the major portion of the project over a summer. The mandate was that the school be functional for the fall semester. Through TGCE’s planning during design and close coordination with the Contracting team during construction, the renovation was substantially complete and the school fully functioning by the start of the fall semester. No small feat.

A related challenge was insufficient mechanical space in the facility for new equipment. We developed a rooftop approach that did not require additional space within the building and also allowed work to be done with the building occupied to assist in meeting the project schedule.

The project included energy conserving features such as variable air volume air handling units, condensing style high efficiency boilers, high temperature differential chilled water system, variable flow primary chilled water system, and variable air flow cooling towers.