South Texas Middle School Details

Location: South Texas

TGCE was commissioned to perform technical reviews of MEP systems at a Middle School (approx. 146,000 sq.ft.) in South Texas occupied by over 1,000 students and nearly 100 faculty and staff. As part of this review, our team of experts performed detailed analysis of construction documents (existing drawings, specifications, and addenda), a review of other expert reports and pertinent information, measurements of indoor conditions within the school, and observations from a general on-site survey.

Because of general concerns about potential Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) issues, TGCE’s review emphasized the HVAC systems. Our team also, however, included electrical and plumbing systems to the extent judged appropriate.

Our scope was to determine performance issues to discern problems with design/construction (or both), report our findings, make recommendations, develop conceptual/schematic fixes, and provide estimated opinions of probable construction cost (OPCCs) to correct the issues found.