Construction Support Services

Through our Construction Support Services (CSS) we are able to offer a unique value proposition to the Owner and/or Construction Team. Detail matters in constructability. This detail inevitably brings a sense of security by increasing the Team’s ability to meet project schedules, budgets, and intended system functionalities.

Building Information Modeling (BIM/VDC)

  • Coordination and/or Shop Drawing Creation (to desired Level of Development)
  • Model Management (Clash Detection/Resolution)
  • Inherent Peer Review

Contractor Qualifications

  • Proposal Package Assistance
  • Improved Communication of Qualifications
  • Template/Document/Form Creation

Commissioning (Cx)

  • Initial/Re/Retro Cx
  • Verification of Systems Operation
  • Cx Administration/Documentation Support

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Project Management

  • Owner’s Rep for Construction Administration (Including Increased On-site Presence)
  • Documenting and Tracking Field Progress
  • Assist with Real-Time Field Solutions
  • Opinions of Probable Construction Costs (OPCC) “Reality Checks”
  • Bid/Construction Contract Negotiation
  • Contractor/Subcontractor Qualifications Review