Other Dimensions

We perform drafting services of all dimensions for all types of facilities. It has been our experience that our 3D services save construction costs and serve as a valuable tool for our clients and contractors alike.

Our recipe is simple. Experienced Staff + Cutting Edge Technology (Hardware and Software) = Your Project Comes to Life.

Our team prides itself on always being in touch with mainstream product enhancements. Versatility and knowledge of mainstream design platforms and other tools/technologies have proven successful in assisting all parties to better understand the intent of the Team’s design. TGCE also utilizes mobile technology to assist with tasks out in the field.

From concept to completion, our firm merges experienced judgment, current and emerging technologies, and old-fashioned hard work to create a path to success. The world is ever-changing. Whatever comes next, adaptation is required. A requirement we have and will always continue to meet. Your vision is at our fingertips.